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lady with collection of pop tabs placing in donation bin to benefit RMHC of richmond

Pop Top Collection Program

Get inspired to collect Pop Tops at home, work, and in your community!

Pop Top Collection

What is a pop top?
A pop top is the piece of metal that opens aluminum cans, like the ones found on soda cans. Many other products like pet food and canned fruits and vegetables, use a tab system but might not be made of aluminum. A good rule of thumb to follow if you want to collect tabs from other products is: if you put a magnet near the pop tops they should not be attracted to it. If they are, they are not aluminum. Like the can, the pop top is able to be recycled. It is a small, yet valuable piece. Did you know it takes 1,267 pop tops to make one pound?

Why collect pop tops?
Pop top collections add up to make an impact in providing temporary housing and support services for families of pediatric patients. The value of the pop tops goes up and down throughout the year. But it all adds up to precious dollars that help the RMHC Richmond fulfill our mission!
We currently receive about 50¢ per pound of pop tops. The program is an easy way for people of all ages to support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Richmond and know they are making a difference for families and children.

Why not collect the entire can?
Pop tops are easier to clean and collect than cans, enabling our House to handle large volumes with less storage space. And most of the value of the entire can is right there in that little tab!

How does it work?
You may use any clean container to collect pop tops. Over the years we’ve seen all sorts of creative vessels – decorated coffee cans, large jars, zip lock bags, etc. Any wide mouth container works well so the pop tops can be poured out easily. When you’re ready to make a donation, just stop by the House and we’ll take care of the rest. Download a Pop Top Label to be put on your containers or check out our Pop Top Flyer.

What happens after I drop off the pop tops?
Once we have received enough tabs to fill two 32 gallon bins we take them to our recycling partner, United Scrap Metal. We truly appreciate your efforts in collecting and donating pop tops to us.

To drop off your pop tops, please visit the Ronald McDonald House at 2330 Monument Ave, Richmond, VA 23220.

School Pop Top Challenge

We hope you will consider participating in our School Pop Top Challenge for the 2020-2021 school year!

Schools can compete to see who can collect the highest average pounds of pop tops per student. This allows larger and smaller schools to participate equally. Participating in the Pop Top Challenge provides schools an opportunity to learn about recycling, but also the opportunity to instill a sense of community and a spirit of philanthropy.
We typically raise about $4,000 on poptops alone, and are hoping to increase that number this year by engaging schools like yours in the Richmond area.

To register online click here. For a mail-in form, click here.

Click here for Helpful Hints!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Diana Villarreal at 804-355-6517 or diana@rmhc-richmond.org.