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Plan an Event

Your event can help children and families in Richmond.

Need help coming up with an idea? Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

“Casual for a Cause” Dress down days in the office or at school!

Members of your school or office can pay a small donation to wear jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, or something out of the normal dress code on a particular day.

5K Walk, Run, or Ride, Sporting Tournament, or Relay

Host a special event revolving around an activity in which participants pay an entry fee. RMHC offers personalized fundraising pages for participants to use.

Car Wash, Bake Sale, or Lemonade Stand

Get your neighborhood involved or set up a booth at a special event.

Dress Like Ronald Challenge

Choose a few representatives from your office, school, or group and have participants vote for which representative they would like to see dress up as Ronald McDonald for the day. Each vote costs $1, and the representative who receives the most votes must wear a Ronald McDonald costume. Participants can vote more than once. RMHC will provide you with the costume but you must promise to provide us with pictures!

Proceeds from the sale of an item, recipe, artwork, etc.

Own a business? Give customers a discount when they make a donation to RMHC, or offer to donate a percentage of the sale of a specific item that you sell (ie: a cupcake of the month, etc.).